In Tuscan land

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In the splendid setting of the Tuscan countryside, close to its famous cities of art and its famous seaside resorts, stands “Villa NelBelMezzo”, a large stone house with elegant and solid lines, which refers to the rural tradition but has all kinds of comfort of our days.

Compact and essential, it is surrounded by three and a half hectares of land cultivated according to the Tuscan model of mixed culture, which combines the spirituality of the olive tree with the vivacity of fruit trees, the blond of ripe wheat and the green of fodder plants. .

The silence that accompanies “Villa NelBelMezzo” allows its guests to enjoy the beauty of nature and to understand its rhythms, its secret life and its mystery.
The structure is placed on a small hill from which, especially in the clear days of the tramontana, the gaze is lost on hills and woods that do not even seem touched by human presence.